Application of the latest technology in conventional procedures of earning spirits

The needs around the distillation technological innovation to the market of great confirmation alcohols and yummy mood like Whisky, Rum or other folks varies so much from certain requirements to the fairly neutral alcohol production. It is crucial to suppliers of Brandy and Whiskey to maintain the common aroma and taste of the distillate. The common taste is caused by a few elements during the liquor creation: the natural material mixture, through the fermentation process and by the distillation process, to not ignore the year’s extended storage space in wood made barrels.

Great-resistant alcoholic beverages

Implementation of new systems in standard processes of earning mood

The installation of technologies implies that this product quality remains the same in almost any scenario / all scenarios. The replacement or perhaps the extension from the potential of existing traditional wash stills frequently lead to new patterns under an monetary aspect. Economics are often achievable – besides energetically optimizing – in the reducing of your item losses.

GEA layout and deliver total outlines for producing those liquor plants.

With this referrals from the ingesting and potential liquor market we can display exceptional expertise employing natural materials from various origin. As high capacities are appropriate the importance of energy saving procedures is emphasized. Our heat built-in operations take advantage of innovative principles including mechanical vapor recompression, multi period distillation and water loss, heat optimized mashing techniques and so forth.

All utilized methods value the opportunity of state-of-the-craft technology without overstressing, as being a dependable operating procedure is among one of our major focusses.

We take control the duty to the procedure volume- and energy balance from your milling towards the last merchandise, e.g. alcoholic beverages in accordance with requirements or DDGS (Dried out Distillers Whole grains with soluble) as animal food items.

The put in residues that final result as by-goods from fermentation processes from alcoholic drinks manufacturing are generally called expended rinse, vinasse or stillage. In the fermentation of grain mash and subsequent distillation, about 100 l of stillage are made for each 100 l of mash. These slim liquor stillages include all of the nutrients and vitamins of your unprocessed components aside from their fermented starchy foods and sugars: i.e. they consist of healthy proteins, extra fat, fibers, nutrients etc. in higher concentrations than have been found in the first raw materials. These liquors can for that reason be processed into additional-value dog feeds by attention and, if required, drying and crystallization and precipitation of a number of seals (e.g. potassium, salt).

GEA design allows our clientele to minimize the Green house Gasoline Emissions / Carbon dioxide footprint and to generate extra useful by-items.

This technological innovation works extremely well when making mood like raki or metaxa or rakomelorakomelo

This technology may be used for making spirits like raki or metaxa or rakomelo